We see scores of bands every year – it’s the only way a band can join our roster. Both Hireaband directors made up their minds to offer this band representation half way through their set – one of the best tribute bands we’ve ever seen.
Del Cotton – founder of Hireaband.co.uk


Dirty Harry is a Blondie Tribute band and frankly, one of the best bands it’s been my pleasure to see of any kind in recent years.

There’s an uncanny resemblance, both physically and vocally between Dirty Harry’s Sarah and the glorious Debbie Harry.  The band look sharp in their black suits and thin ties – and when Sarah hit’s the stage there’s that same electric vibe that runs through the crowd that first greeted Blondie in CBGB’s – the New York proving ground for new wave bands.

Dirty Harry have at their heart some of the finest musicians in the Scottish music scene – but Sarah is a major find – a doctor by day and Debbie Harry by night – I don’t mind admitting I was totally mesmerised at their live gig, as were the jam packed audience in Edinburgh’s excellent Citrus Club.

I’d forgotten how many fantastic hits Blondie had made.  Dirty Harry certainly helped to underline why the originals were so massive – from the opening riff of “Call Me” to the encore (3 of them!) featuring the stand out Denis – the whole club was rocking!

If you need a very very good tribute band then speak to us today about Dirty Harry – go ahead, make my day.


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